Estate Planning & Probate Law Firm

Increased Average Monthly Leads From 60 to 600

A specialized law firm focused on probate law and estate planning for high net worth clients was seeing little growth from ineffective marketing in a very competitive major metropolitan area.  With leads stuck at 60 per month and little chance of delivering the accelerated growth they desired, they realized they needed an innovative digital marketing approach but lacked the internal strategic resources to build and deliver it.

Our Law Firm Fractional CMO developed and implemented a customized growth and digital marketing strategy that accelerated leads from 60 to 600 per month within the two-year engagement. We also developed and implemented a marketing plan to recruit new attorneys to manage the increased load, doubling the size of the firm within that same timeframe..

The Challenge

This estate planning and probate law firm was seeking accelerated growth but was generating only about 60 prospects per month through referrals and expensive paid search advertising. While these leads were high quality, the numbers were not sufficient to drive the accelerated growth desired, especially in a highly competitive metropolitan area. The founder and managing partner of the firm was leading marketing himself and recognized he did not have the expertise or the bandwidth to meet growth goals.

​Moreover, with data showing that 70% of a prospect’s research is completed online before contacting a specific law firm, the firm had little capacity to capture those prospects. By investing primarily in pay-per-click advertising, the firm was missing out on a large number of potential clients. The managing partner didn’t know how to make this transition in firm’s marketing function.

​Even with client growth, the firm was not poised to service an increase in clients due to its need for specialized attorneys. So, growing the clientele and expanding the firm were challenges that needed to be managed simultaneously.

The Transformation

Our expert law firm fractional CMO created a marketing strategy that drove an innovative SEO approach and the selection, integration, and direction of the right high-performing agencies. The results of this optimized online educational content were high organic search rankings that delivered high levels of organic search traffic to the law firm website which accelerated lead generation. Being a resource of high-valued educational content built trust between the law firm and client prospects, dramatically increasing conversions and revenue.

​The higher volume of leads, of which thirty-five percent were “no response” leads, resulted in the overtaxing of the intake team. A solution was needed, so our expert law firm fractional CMO selected and implemented marketing automation technologies to gather more relevant information from leads. This flagged the intake team to the highest priority prospects while also effectively engaging the “no response” prospects through automation, increasing conversions without the need to add additional intake staff. The result was a reduction of “no response” leads from 35% down to 17%.

​How to find and hire enough qualified attorneys to staff the firm was also a challenge addressed by our CMO. Once the marketing engine to attract clients was running and optimized, fueling the firm’s growth, marketing took responsibility for promoting the law firm as a desired place of employment. This helped to attract the highly-qualified attorneys the firm needed to service its high-net worth clientele.

The Results

The results were outstanding. The firm’s customized marketing strategy was based on data research illustrating and capitalizing on the true journey a prospect takes to becoming a lead. Marketing now generates over 95% of the firm’s leads, with very little reliance on unpedictable attorney referrals or expensive pay-per-click advertising. The firm’s 600 average monthly leads has led to the doubling of revenue and the expansion of the firm.