Personal Injury Marketing Strategy

200% Increase in Qualified Leads

37% Increase in Firm Revenue

Personal injury lawyer marketing is a challenging and competitive space. Our team of expert fractional CMOs engaged with a 20-attorney personal injury law firm and implemented an innovative marketing strategy that identified and targeted their best prospects and created an effective playbook for geographic expansion. Execution of the strategy resulted in a 200% increase in leads generated and a 37% increase in revenue.

The Challenge

This personal injury firm desired accelerated growth and a marketing playbook that would help it expand effectively into new geographies.

Personal injury marketing is a crowded and competitive space with many brands competing for potential clients, but with very few brands having a differentiated brand position. The firm leadership felt their brand was not differentiated versus other firms and was frustrated at the lack of results and poor return on investment from their marketing efforts, which could be described as traditional and random.

The managing partner believed the firm should be engaging in new innovative digital marketing practices. In fact, their competitors were investing more in digital marketing and taking market share from them.

The firm had engaged with several different digital marketing agencies that promised big results but did not deliver. The existing marketing team was not strategic and needed leadership to create and manage a fresh and innovative strategy to effectively deliver marketing for personal injury lawyers that drives accelerated growth.

The Transformation

Our expert fractional CMO first worked to understand the vision and goals of the managing partners and to guide them to develop a clear and compelling growth strategy for the law firm. A focused effort on developing insights for high-potential clients yielded a clear definition of the client target and factors that are most important to them when selecting a law firm. From this understanding, our fractional CMO developed a new brand positioning with clear points of differentiation that were relevant to the target client prospects.

With a clear brand positioning in place, our expert law firm fractional CMOs defined a custom strategy for marketing personal injury to deliver the law firm growth goals and selected the specific agencies required to deliver the build and execution leading to accelerated growth.

Our fractional CMO directed the agencies and internal team to build out the digital marketing campaigns and personal injury lead generation funnel. This drove awareness of the law firm with high potential client prospects and drove them toward the law firm website, converting many to qualified leads. The CMO made sure that the internal marketing team learned to operate the new growth engine efficiently.

The Results

With the build and execution of this customized personal injury law firm marketing strategy, our expert law firm fractional CMO drove a 200% increase in qualified leads and a 44% increase in number of cases within existing geographic locations in less than six months. The CMO also created a customizable playbook and marketing strategy to drive rapid geographic expansion based on our proven model.

This personal injury law firm now has the foundational capability to drive revenue through personal injury attorney marketing with a custom-built internal organization, high performing agencies, the right integrated marketing technology, and the internal strategic alignment to sustain this accelerated growth.