How To Grow a Law Firm

You Need a Leader to Transform Your Marketing Function

First, let’s ask why your law firm isn’t growing or, at least, not growing as fast as you know it should be. The approach to marketing has evolved, and if you haven’t evolved with it, you are leaving significant revenue on the table and constricting your growth.

​Referrals and personal outreach just aren’t enough anymore to fuel your growth. Many potential clients research online to educate themselves on whether they need legal representation and which law firm will best meet their needs. These prospects take themselves through 70% of the sales cycle before ever contacting a law firm.

​This means that you’ll need a differentiated brand and an innovative customized digital marketing strategy to stand out from your competition online.

​You need an experienced marketing leader who knows how to grow a law firm. That’s where we come in. Our expert Law Firm Fractional CMOs lead the transformation of your law firm marketing into a sustainable, revenue-generating function.

What would it look like to transform your marketing function to deliver sustainable growth for your firm?

Growing Law Firm Revenue Starts with a Law Firm Growth Strategy

Define the Growth You Want to Achieve and How You Will Deliver It

An Innovative Customized Marketing Strategy is Essential to Growing a Law Firm

Turn Marketing into a Growth Engine with a Customized Marketing Strategy

Delivering Law Firm Growth Through the Build and Execution of Your Marketing Strategy

Your Expert Law Firm Fractional CMO Manages and Directs the Transformational Approach

Judge gavel with Justice lawyers having team meeting at law firm in background

New Foundational Marketing Capabilities Need to be in Place to Grow Your Law Firm

Transform Your Marketing Function into a Revenue Generator with The Right Resources and the Right Technology