Law Firm Fractional CMOs

Our law firm fractional chief marketing officers are experts in driving organizational growth. We focus on transformational growth by building a performance marketing function that will drive revenue.

Your prospect’s journey to becoming a client is increasingly complex in an ever-evolving digital world. Prospects now drive themselves through 70% of the sales funnel, before ever contacting a law firm. Marketing is more responsible for delivering business results than ever before.

Inject the strategic marketing leadership you need with our expert law firm fractional CMOs.

Interested in how our Law Firm Fractional CMOs can make a real difference in the growth of your firm?

Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm Fractional CMO


Embed Leadership, Fast

Hiring a law firm fractional CMO allows you to embed the expertise you need to quickly advance your law firm growth.

Hire the Right Experience

Embed experts in transformational growth, strategy development, and marketing execution management with little effort.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a full-time CMO can be time-consuming and expensive. A fractional CMO brings you the expertise quickly.

How We Work

We are Different Than Agencies or Consultants

As battle-tested CMOs, we manage the entire marketing transformation process from strategy development through execution, testing, and growth. We are not consultants. Consultants deliver a document outlining what YOU should do and say “Good Luck.” We’re accountable for delivering results, just like every other employee at your firm.

We are not an agency. Agencies focus purely on execution and are not strategic. Most marketing agencies have specific services that they fit clients into and only focus on pieces of your execution. Many times this feels like random acts of marketing. While agencies can deliver great performance for your law firm, they need the strategic direction and leadership we offer in order to optimize that performance.

We actively work with a number of agencies that have been able to accelerate growth for law firms under our direction. Our expert CMOs build your custom marketing strategy and then identify the agencies with the right expertise to deliver parts of your execution with excellence. And unlike a consultant, we build the internal and external capability to put your firm on a new growth trajectory.

We Are a Specialized Team From the Largest Fractional CXO Organization in the Nation

We are a specialized team of fractional CMOs focused on law firm marketing transformation within Chief Outsiders, the largest fractional CXO firm in the nation.