Scott Wright

Partner & CMO

About Scott

Scott Wright has decades of experience leading consumer and client-focused businesses to accelerated growth across a number of industries including financial services, insurance, wealth management, retirement planning, health care, consumer goods, automotive, and retail.  Scott’s comprehensive business and marketing background puts him in a unique position to help companies quickly retool for growth. He built his foundational knowledge and expertise for high-performance consumer marketing during his 18-year tenure with Procter & Gamble driving brands like Crest, Pantene Pro-V, and Old Spice to accelerated growth. He further expanded the depth and breadth of his skills across branding, digital marketing, lead generation, and consumer experience at Visa, Valvoline, Brokers International, and a variety of small to mid-sized consumer and client-focused companies.

​Scott works with CEOs and leadership teams to develop client-centric growth and marketing strategies, build organization and technical capabilities, and execute marketing and sales to create growth engines. Transformation is typically delivered through brand differentiation and awareness, effective client targeting, integrated digital marketing and sales funnels for lead generation and conversion, and the repeatable processes and core capabilities that create a foundation for sustainable growth.